I would also like to see new artists and local muscians to either blog here, or start their own blogs to discuss art in our culture today. I see that their is a relationship between all artforms and I think as young artists we should be aware of these connections, and try to foster them.
So this is not just a blog for writers, but for any artist to be heard.




Icarus In Relief


The vespers have fallen,

I carried them near through the day-lit hours,

remembering, remembering;

they had fallen beautiful on us.


Love it is out of my hands,

I can only bear witness:

            In the beginning only the sweet-song of the nightingale   

            heralding the dying sun down to rest,

            triumphant as the wide blue sky-vein is sliced

            as it bleeds out the deep lavender and blazing pink light,

            that pale and sick lovely light,

            that first sign, that wonder.

Love hold me in this loving light,

hold me and become a witness to this,

survive with me in this lovely sick light.


            It is beautiful, this earth, drifting softly;

            the hum of diminishing power in root and rock,

            the hum of unused energy in bough and leaf,

            the hum of desperate life within man and beast,

            all the deep mysteries in us, in these

            and all unveiled as we prepare for the imitation, the rest of night.

Love hold me, and be witless, and breathe deep, and sink down, sleep.


The vespers fall upon us

for a moment blazing, breathtaking-

then their sign is forgotten, then their wonder worn out,

then suddenly only a memory for the mourning, only the peel off a bell.

Hello world!

So this is my blog. I’m 20 and an aspiring poet. I have attempted to publish work in an academic manner but have found little success, so I am attempting less conventional means to distribute my work and generate interest. I was hestitant to use a blog due to a desire for a scholastic following, as poetry tends to attract only the scholarly due to its some what inaccessable nature, yet I find great value in the achievement of this accomplishment- which is to have the ability to “say” what you want, when you want, as you see fit. It is compelling that I may possibly reach thousands or millions with my work on this blog, though quite ironic that it means everything (to be read…) and nothing (…yet to not be paid)… so much for a career in writing- such is the dual nature of the internet as well as the written world incorporated with technology.  

Well I will be posting poems and looking for feedback, as well as searching out other poets and critiques of poetry.